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Format Artspace is an art space in Nansensgade dedicated to editions experimenting with media and materials – the works include original graphics, 3D printed sculpture, video, animation, comics etc.

The aim is to create art works of high artistic quality that can be acquired at a reasonable price, due to the fact that there is more than one copy of each work. Most of the works are produced in small and exclusive editions, but is still within a price range where everyone can join in. The art space is thus based on the principle that being an art collector is not only reserved for a small closed circle of connoisseurs with a large bank account.

Format Artspace primarily works with young Danish artists both nationally and internationally acclaimed. Most of the artists are working with paper as part of their practice and therefore most of them have chosen to work with graphic prints. It can be silkscreen printing, lithography, riso-printing, or a completely different technique. The main focus is on the graphic craftsmanship as well as on the artistic experiment. Format Artspace launches new prints and objects every other month.

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Format Artspace

Nansensgade 35
1366 København K

Level-free access - no
Handicap toilet - no
Free for companion - yes


+45 4089 4224

Wed-Fri 12-17
Sat 11-15

Free entrance


'Format Artspace'