Exhibition: Breaking – Keiria Hissabu: Agumm
6 maj 20233 Sep 2023

Fotografisk Center. Keiria Hissabu, Agumm, 2023

Through an experimental and unique visual imagery, Keiria Hissabu artistically introduces the various steps that occur in the construction of a house. The audience meets two characters in an unrecognizable and undefined area who are trying to build their own home from scratch. In this
process, an imaginary opening occurs. This opening becomes a space for dialogue about different ways of living, including ways of eating, sizes of the rooms and the positions of doors and windows. Hissabu experiments with and challenges the audience’s understanding of home as both a concept and an experience, and asks questions about what a home can be defined by – and by whom. Agumm is a story about what happens when you build. Because in the same way as when you build houses, you simultaneously build and create stories.

Keira Hisabu
Keiria Hissabu (b. 1999) is a film director who works in the field between documentary and fiction. Her work is built up through close collaboration across different art forms. By including knowledge and skills from a wider artistic field, Hissabu expands the visual experience and allows it to stretch across e.g. music, dance/performance and architecture. By experimenting with live performances, movement and alternative screening setups, Hissabu investigates and challenges the film medium and its field of possibilities in his practice.

Hissabu is studying in the Documentary Director programme at The National Film School of Denmark, and has, among other things, participated in this year’s CPH:DOX with the short film Δx = x_f – x_0.

6 maj – 3 sep 2023
Mon closed
Thu 1 June closed
Tue-Fri 12-18
Thu 12-20
Sat-Sun 12-16

Entrance: 40 DKK
Students, people under 18 years, groups & seniors: 20 DKK


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Fotografisk Center
Staldgade 16
1699 København V

Level-free access – no
Handicap toilet – no
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Exhibition: Breaking – Keiria Hissabu: Agumm
6 maj 20233 Sep 2023


'Exhibition: Breaking - Keiria Hissabu: Agumm'