inter.pblc, 2021. Photo: Brian Kure

inter.pblc is a physical manifestation of inter. It exists between the layers of what a traditional art gallery is perceived to be, and what a public storefront has the potential to become. It radically changes the notion of the modern art space. At its core, inter.pblc is a blank page that activates artists, without managing or limiting their ideas – an empty space, defined by its’ contributors. The location itself is set on a promising cube of manicured concrete, enjoying abundant natural light and a layout designed for progressive entertainment. A transposing mix of physical objects, print, digital and combinations in between will dress inter.pblc. Some projects are scheduled, others happen by impulse. Exhibitions, events and performances transpire locally in Copenhagen, but echo world wide. There is an inherent duality, but also synergy, between physical manifestation and digital representation.

inter.pblc was founded in 2021. Supported by Statens Kunstfond 2022.



Art Week 2022 programme for inter.pblc


Hamletsgade 6, 2200 Kbh N

For opening hours, check @inter.pblc