Huset KBH

Huset KBH

Huset is Denmark’s first culture house and has existed since 1970. Born out of a call for more democratic reforms. Since then, Huset has been a platform for prominent cultural personalities and important political currents, from early feministic activists to the the punk rock movement, 90ties grunge and today’s nerdy niche culture and sustainable activists.

The halls are always buzzing with life and here, everyone can chip in and help ensure the broad variety of events and happenings, which has been the hallmark of Huset for more than 50 years. The spirit lingers to this day in the core values of community, volunteering, and co-creation.

Source: Huset KBH


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Huset KBH

Rådhusstræde 13
1466 København K

Level-free access - yes
Handicap toilet - yes
Free for companion - yes


+45 2151 2151


'Huset KBH'