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Bricks Gallery. Pressefoto.

Bricks is a contemporary art gallery that presents solo and group exhibitions with Danish and international artists. Between shows, we maintain a dialogue with Copenhagen’s art scene by hosting events like film screenings, performances and intimate concerts; in other words, exploring new artistic grounds with our peers and neighbours.

Bricks was founded in 2019 by Morten Halborg-Møller and is located in the pulsating neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark. The vibrant atmosphere and energy we get from our street Blågårdsgade, serve as sources of infinite inspiration for our gallery and our next door “sister shop” Limited Works, where we are dealing original graphics, art books, and other affordable art objects.

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Art Week 2022 programme for Bricks Gallery

Bricks Gallery

Blågårdsgade 11.B
2200 København N


+45 42 95 47 26

Tue - Fri 12 - 18
Sat 11 - 16


'Bricks Gallery'