9 Apr 202211 Sep 2022

Jeremy Shaw, 'Phase Shifting Index', 2020. Photo: Timo Ohler
Jeremy Shaw, ‘Phase Shifting Index’, 2020. Photo: Timo Ohler

The exhibition Vertigo unites a group of artists who do not belong in any one category, but who are juxtaposed because their individual artistic practices are engaged in creating fluid spaces, evoking a sense of vertigo.

Vertigo is a term frequently used to describe the experience of the powerful changes that provide a backdrop to the existence of modern man. Our times are characterised by an unstable world order where erosion, displacement, and change have become part and parcel of normal existence. Each day appears to bring new crises, adding to our sense of disquiet or fear. Classic identities and awareness patterns are being dismantled and new ones appear at an alarming rate. The growing sense of unpredictability presents a fluid world where it becomes harder to tell reality from fiction and the sense of vertigo can thus be said to define the zeitgeist of our times.

The artists taking part include Cao Fei, China, (b.1978), Trisha Baga, USA, (b.1985), Jeremy Shaw (f.1978, Canada), Julian Charriére (f. 1987, Schweiz) and Ann Lislegaard, Denmark, (b.1962).



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9 Apr 202211 Sep 2022