The New Room

Den nye hjørnestue på Bakkehuset
Den nye hjørnestue på Bakkehuset

Bakkehuset is an atmospheric place – a physical witness to how two inquisitive and idealistic personalities, Kamma and K.L. Rahbek opened their home to many of the luminaries of the romantic movement. Artists and scientists met in their drawing room to discuss and exchange ideas, find inspiration and forge new friendships.

Bakkehuset’s new art space, The New Room, is a contemporary interpretation of the historic drawing room just below. The room reinterprets the salon-culture that expressed itself at Bakkehuset two hundred years ago, by providing a space for new conversations.
The room is decorated with 29 cabinets, one for each letter of the Danish alphabet. The cabinets contain tableaux and other exhibits, which in combination with Morten Søndergaard’s newly written texts pose questions, both great and small.
The cabinets are inspired by Kamma Rahbek’s famous boxes and the cabinets of wonder or cabinets of curiosity from the 17th century. These cabinets contained exquisite artefacts, objects of natural history and miniature versions of the famous collections of the time. On special occasions, the contents of the cabinets would be placed on show and displayed where guests could enjoy the object d’art. In the same way, the cabinets will be on show in Bakkehuset’s New Room and displayed to the visitors seated around the table.

The New Room is created by the poet Morten Søndergaard, the cabinetmaker Teis Dich Abrahamsen, curator Annesofie Becker, and a single inventor, Peer Klausen.



Rahbeks Allé 23, 1801 Frederiksberg C

Art Week 2022 programme for Bakkehuset

Tues-fri 11-18
Sat-sun 11-17

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The New Room


'The New Room'