The Feast of the Red Robin
19 Jun 2022  13-16

Francis Patrick Brady
Francis Patrick Brady

Premiere for the performance work The feast of the Red Robin with the artist Francis Patrick Brady. The performance is based on the legendary character Robin Hood and explores several different versions of the mysterious character. In the performance, the artist draws on the old English legends with oral stories and folk songs as a way to pass on knowledge of significant figures and events to future generations.

The performance is aimed at adults, but children are welcome to join.

Limited access for those who can’t walk well on stairs.

In English

At 13-14
At 15-16

Entrance – Registration

Malmö konstmuseum

Malmöhusvägen 6, 211 18 Malmö, Sverige

Art Week programme for Malmö konstmuseum

The Feast of the Red Robin
19 Jun 2022  13-16


'The Feast of the Red Robin'