Symposium: RETUR – recycling art
15 Jun 2022  18-20

Camilla Nørgaard: Midlertidig Hvidovre - Hvidovre i midlertid, 2015.
Camilla Nørgaard: ‘Midlertidig Hvidovre – Hvidovre i midlertid’, 2015

The exhibition space LOKALE and the festival Art Week welcomes you to a symposium about recycling and re-establishment in art. The Symposium is a culmination of several exhibitions and performances during Art Week in both Copenhagen and Aarhus under the title RETUR!

In the period June 9-19 2022 the exhibition space LOKALE is proud to present the RETUR!-exhibition Steneren in LOKALE. Old and new rocks and projects from near and far with works by visual artist Camilla Nørgård (DK).

One of many character trades in Nørgaards artistic praxis is that her works often “travel out into the world” and appear in many different physical locations. Nørgård registers and incorporates the new qualities, forms and meanings, that adds to the works during their travels. In this way they get recreated and resurrects in different contexts.

Recycling and re-establishment have also been a recurring component in LOKALEs programme. For the last two years LOKALE has offered a broad spectrum of artistic genres and concepts in contemporary art. This year’s programme will also focus on reunion, rediscovery and recycling of different artists’ former works – but in this case used as a reason for common reflection about new interpretations of four completely fundamental work fields within art.

On this basis LOKALE and Art Week invite you to a symposium that highlights the methods and conditions behind a circular artistic research. The symposium takes place in Camilla Nørgård’s exhibition and uses her praxis as a case.

The symposium is a part of Art Week’s RETUR!-programme that wishes to create an exchange between artists, curators and exhibition spaces. What does it mean for the expression, economy and range of the art that art works get repeated, rethought and rescaled in relation to shifting spaces, audiences and contexts?

Recycling as en artistic strategy has traditionally been understood as some sort af stepchild in art. A good exhibition should preferably offer the potential for experiencing the original and unique art work or the newest within the exhibiting artists production. It has also only been in the retrospective exhibition that the restoration has been accepted as a way to experience a praxis as a whole.

But is there experimenting and conceptually based formats for recycling today that could be rediscovered and have an impact on contemporary art? Could recycling and re-establishment be used in a significantly more strategic way today – for example in relation to the art economy? Would more artists get encouraged if repetition became the new normal – like in the world of music? And is recycling becoming logical in sustainability perspective?

The symposium starts at 6am. The conversation offers three short contributions from Jan Falk Borup, Camilla Nørgård and Ulla Hvejsel. Afterwards, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen and Kerstin Bergendal will open up for a collective conversation. There will be served drinks and a little bit of food in the break.

The symposium is in danish

Free entrance



Griffenfeldsgade 27, 2200 København N

Art Week 2022 programme for LOKALE

Symposium: RETUR – recycling art
15 Jun 2022  18-20


'Symposium: RETUR - recycling art'