Linh Le with artist Phuc Van Dang: Soil
19 Jun 2022

Phuc Van Dang, 'Flora & Fauna'
Phuc Van Dang, ‘Flora & Fauna’

Linh Le (b.1990) is a performance artist, climate activist and feminist. Linh Le´s performative explorations consist of creating spaces of intimacy and working with issues such as migration politics, climate art, alienation, more-than-human, primordial forces and system critique.

Phuc Van Dang (b. 1972)
Over a course of several years, Phuc Van Dang has worked on mastering the black line, and he uses only black paint in his murals and paintings.
The black line can be seen as an interpretation of the shadows in life, within a shadow lies the past, the present and the future; if there was no shadow, there would be no light and no life. His work is a fusion of painting and design, and he portrays human conditions, emotions and nature through visual fables, finding balance between the abstract and the image.

Sunday 19 June at 13.30-14 and at 16.30-17.

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Linh Le with artist Phuc Van Dang: Soil
19 Jun 2022


'Linh Le with artist Phuc Van Dang: Soil'