Anna Weber Henriksen: Soft Terrain
10 Jun 202220 Aug 2022

Anna Weber Henriksen, 'Soft Terrain'. Foto: Birgitte Munk
Anna Weber Henriksen, ‘Soft Terrain’. Foto: Birgitte Munk

There is just a single, tiny, soft area in the solid and tiled courtyard at Enter Artspace; a small, circular point from which a lush apple tree blossoms with apples that almost make its branches collapse. This soft spot surrounded by a solid surface is the very beginning of Anna Weber Henriksen’s exhibition Soft Terrain.

As an artist, Anna Weber Henriksen finds an ongoing interest in exploring both cultural and natural landscapes, terrains, borders, understandings of growth and access to the soil and Earth’s resources. Through different performances, happenings, installations and exhibitions, Anna seeks to capture the voice of any given landscape by manifesting recoils and echoes of it.

With Soft Terrain, Anna Weber Henriksen examines the voice of the soft spot in the tiled courtyard at Enter Artspace. By removing tiles around the trunk, Anna does not only increase the tree’s chances of growing, she also gives light to a small landscape that used to be hidden from the eye.

Anna Weber Henriksens’ installment stretches from the courtyard and into the exhibition inside. Here you’ll find wooden plates crafted with organic imprents from soil, stone, wood and charcoal – all materials that originate from Enter Artspace’ cadastre and history. The result is an exhibition that condenses, enlarges and expands a tiny soft spot on planet Earth.


Enter Artspace

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Anna Weber Henriksen: Soft Terrain
10 Jun 202220 Aug 2022


'Anna Weber Henriksen: Soft Terrain'