Materials Matter: Anna Weber Henriksen on the exhibition Soft Terrain
11 Jun 2022  11-12

Anna Weber Henriksen, 'Soft Terrain'. Photo: Birgitte Munk
Anna Weber Henriksen, ‘Soft Terrain’. Photo: Birgitte Munk

Get a closer look at artist Anna Weber Henriksens exhibition Soft Terrain at Enter ArtSpace as we are hosting a talk with the Danish artist whose current exhibition about site specific materials takes its beginning in our courtyard.

Since childhood Anna Weber Henriksen has been fascinated by landscapes, terrains, elements of growth, borders and access to our planet’s resources. She has made artistic researches on fields and man made borders, dyed enormous banners with site-specific soil and extracted alternative citymaps from the city-terrain itself by dragging a copper plate through the streets of Copenhagen. Though her artistic expressions are diverse, they all insist on letting landscapes and materiality speak for themselves in their own unique ways.

Materials Matter is a closer look and elaboration on Anna Weber Henriksens current exhibition Soft Terrain. The exhibition is characterized by the recurring materials soil, stone, wood and charcoal, all materials that have a resonance with Enter ArtSpace as a location. During the talk, Anna will comment on her artistic dialogue with the different materials and elaborate on how this process has affected the different expressions used in Soft Terrain. As an example she will show how the combination of organic imprents and graphics can recapture Enter ArtSpace as a landscape – a capturing that invites you to experience, perceive and understand Enter ArtSpace in new ways.

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Enter Artspace

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Art Week 2022 programme for Enter Artspace

Materials Matter: Anna Weber Henriksen on the exhibition Soft Terrain
11 Jun 2022  11-12


'Materials Matter: Anna Weber Henriksen on the exhibition Soft Terrain'