Rolf Nowotny – NOCLIPLILT
14 maj 202226 maj 2022

Rolf Nowotny, 'NOCLIPLILT' 2022
Rolf Nowotny, ‘NOCLIPLILT’ 2022

Danish artist Rolf Nowotny transforms Simian’s largest space into a haunted house, populated by insistent beings who confronts the visitor with their split tongues, cleaven heads and deformed bodies. They inhabit a home that in no way feels homely. As you cross the threshold and wander through the house, you are sucked into an intimate and claustrophobic scenario. A scenography of rooms are decorated with worn and recycled farmhouse furniture that bears the traces of previous owners, but what at first might seem like something cosy and familiar appears twisted and frightening. Game developer Kitty Horrorshow has produced a soundtrack to each room and as you are gradually pulled through the house, the tyrannical undertones and the many traumas and tales that live and breathe within the walls of the home begin to seep out. Like a snail, we carry our home with us. It stays in us and we stay in it – for better or worse. Nowotny shows how the membranes between skin and landscape are extremely porous and how architecture, interior decoration and our material surroundings are intertwined with our identity and self-understanding.


Kay Fiskers Plads 17, 2300 København S

Art Week 2022 programme for SIMIAN

Fri-sun 12-17
Free Entrance

Rolf Nowotny – NOCLIPLILT
14 maj 202226 maj 2022


'Rolf Nowotny – NOCLIPLILT'