Reading and performance: Bjergtaget
10 Jun 2023  13-16

Collage: Performance. Photo: Louis André Jørgensen / Portræt af Luka Holmegaard. Photo: Camilla Lohmann

This Saturday, writer Luka Holmegaard will read from his new book Havet i munden, which will be out in August. It is a collection of poems about pleasure, pain, swimming and testosterone. About how it feels to have a body when that is not something you’re used to. Afterwards Louis André Jørgensen will perform the piece Jeg er et tungt og langsomt menneske (I am a heavy and slow person). The piece is based on texts from the artist book Det er på tide at stenene blomstrer (It is time for the stones to bloom), which is part of Jørgensen’s current exhibition Bjergtaget at Bladr.

In addition to the hand-sewn artist’s book, the exhibition consists of collages and a sculptural installation. The works use stone as both material, metaphor and motif in an investigation of queer belonging and loss. In the Western understanding of nature, the mineral kingdom is seen as the lowest: the rocks neither plant flowers nor give birth to young, and act as the thing in nature that is furthest from man. But as queer individuals, they have traveled a long way to become who they are today: They transition from liquid to solid, crystallizing and transforming through time, pressure and erosion. These developments resonate with the bodily and social processes transgender people go through—which sometimes unfold with tectonic slowness, sometimes with volcanic force. Could we learn something new about gender and kinship if we think of the Earth’s geological cycles as inherently queer?

Saturday 10 June at 13-16
The event is in Danish
Registration not required
Free entry


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Griffenfeldsgade 27
2200 København N

Level-free access – no
Handicap toilet – no
Free for companion – yes

Reading and performance: Bjergtaget
10 Jun 2023  13-16


'Reading and performance: Bjergtaget'