Phuc Van Dang: Flora & Fauna
9 Jun 202219 Jun 2022

Phuc Van Dang, 'Flora & Fauna'
Phuc Van Dang, ‘Flora & Fauna’

During the past 2 years Phuc Van Dang has been working under the title Flora & Fauna in an attempt to explore and limit the mythology in human nature and our separation from the very same. Phuc’s work is based on a cornucopia of creatures that grow, wander, occupy and re-occupy their place in the beholder.

We often consider our culture a paradise, but for Phuc this paradise suddenly became a prison of misrepresentation, where we let ourselves beguile by the controlled divide between the cultivated and the untamed. We design nature, so that it becomes bearable and digestible, but turn a blind eye to the obvious fact that we are the very nature that we attempt to separate from. As such he is focusing on what occurs in nature: How animals and plants move, develop and live independently from humans. How we may train ourselves to avoid the pretention of nature and instead let nature emerge from and be a part of us. In lieu of this the serpent plays a central role to the works of Phuc, as he identifies with an interpretation of the serpent known from the Christian myth ‘fall of man’, in which it serves the purpose of repelling humans from the illusion of the constructed paradise. The serpent is an animal that is often shamed and represented as a monster, an evil.

Phuc Van Dang (1972) was born in Vietnam and came to Denmark in 1981. With a seductively consistent and persistent focus on mastering the black line, Phuc Van Dang often works in a crossroads between design, art and culture, with media such as drawing, painting, ceramic paintings and concept design.


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Phuc Van Dang: Flora & Fauna
9 Jun 202219 Jun 2022


'Phuc Van Dang: Flora & Fauna'