Opening: Tear Star Droplet
2 Jun 2023  16-20

Biba Fibiger og Veronica Riget. Pressefoto 2023. Photo: Biba Fibiger

The exhibition, Tear Star Droplet, with works by artists Biba Fibiger and Veronica Rigét is inspired by Hokusai’s drawing Undersea Lover, from 1814, where a woman is intimate with an octopus. The octopus is probably the closest we get to an alien intelligence. Its arms move independently of each other. An octopus has three hearts, blue blood and its sense of taste in its suction cups. Recent research shows that it, as one of the very few species in the world, actually benefits from anthropogenic climate change.

Friday 2. June at 16-20
Can be experienced without language skills
Registration not required
Free admission


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Classensgade 7d. Baghuset
2100 København Ø

Level-free access – yes
Handicap toilet – no
Free for companion – yes

Opening: Tear Star Droplet
2 Jun 2023  16-20


'Opening: Tear Star Droplet'