Mental Landscapes
30 Apr 202218 Jun 2022

SPECTA Hannah Toticki 'insert PAY' 2022 Photo Specta
SPECTA Hannah Toticki ‘insert PAY’ 2022 Photo Specta

With the new exhibition Mental Landscapes, SPECTA shows the gallery’s first solo presentation of the Danish visual artist Hannah Toticki. Central to Toticki’s practice is a consistent focus on the conditions of the contemporary human being in a time where we celebrate speed, efficiency and self-realization. In Mental Landscapes, she also addresses our relationship – or lack of relationship – to nature. Throughout art history, depictions of nature have reflected man’s relationship to our surroundings, but today the globe is in such a critical state that these depictions also “reflect back” and point to our own mental state. We have a hard time really seeing ourselves as – not just connected to – but as a part of nature.

In Mental Landscapes, Hannah Toticki points to the ambiguity that our lifestyle gives us: We have a technology that sets us free and gives us endless possibilities, but which also challenges us: we can be at work constantly – and be semi present in many different places simultaneously. The keyboard is right where the machine and the inner life meet – the interface. In Hannah Toticki’s practice, our work life and the relationships that emanate from it are often represented by the keys of computer keyboards. The machine has become our companion and our partner: We are Colleagues at Nighttime, as one of the worktitles frames it. And so we may at times seem more connected – and almost a part of – technology than nature


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Mental Landscapes
30 Apr 202218 Jun 2022


'Mental Landscapes'