Marianne Skaarup
25 Aug 20179 Sep 2017

Den Nordiske Ambassade. Borders of Architecture, Frozen in Skin and Time, 2014-2015. Marianne Skaarup.

Marianne Skaarup (MFA Malmö Art Academy, 2015) lives and works in Lisbon.
Her sculptural practice is inspired by architecture and founded on a large confidence in intuitive processes.

It is by nature transformative and searching to stretch into other material forms such as drawing and video. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in Denmark.

Informant: Den Nordiske Ambassade

Den Nordiske Ambassade

Hillerødgade 83
2200 København N

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Marianne Skaarup
25 Aug 20179 Sep 2017


'Marianne Skaarup'