19 Nov 202131 Jul 2022


This spring at Thorvaldsen’s Museum you can experience the many faces of love in the exhibition “LOVE –THORVALDSEN’S DRAWINGS”. We present a rare glimpse of the drawings and sketches of the artist, subtly enacted through six tales of love.

Love has always been a strong driving force behind many of our acts – beautiful as well as horrible – and can be the cause of both happiness and pain. To sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen the roman god of love Amor was the character he depicted the most in both drawings and sculptures. Many of the mythological characters Thorvaldsen was particularly engaged with has love as their focal point. The drawings exhibited demonstrate love in relation to both his own life and in a more general and mythological context.
Through the six tales of love the audience experience Thorvaldsen’s expressive and exceptional drawings up close. Even if the scenes are different from present day depictions of love, the feelings and themes are pertinent even today. The relevance and importance of the drawings are supported by scenography, texts, movies and sound.
During the exhibition period the museum hosts several events centered around love. Experience talks with influencers/opinion formers and cultural personalities about the different aspects of love, join our drawing workshop, or try one of our meditative love sound baths.
The exhibition is the first in a line of specific exhibitions referencing the collections of the museum, developed with support from the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation.

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Thorvaldsens Museum

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19 Nov 202131 Jul 2022