Living Rooms
2 Apr 202212 Jun 2022

Torgny Wilcke, Installation view, 'Stuer Til Gulv'. Photo: Torben Eskerod
Torgny Wilcke, Installation view, ‘Stuer Til Gulv’. Photo: Torben Eskerod

For the solo exhibition Living Rooms, artist Torgny Wilcke (b. 1963) has taken over the elegant rooms in Møstings with a picturesque and site-specifik total installation.
This exhibition is made in dialogue with the colors and proportions of the significant rooms. Here, wooden frames of display cases reflect the high windows, while the light penetrates the linoleum painted fabrics that hangs like thin, heavy curtains.

As an artist, Torgny Wilcke explores the relationship between form and material as well as functionality and materiality, to which he challenges the traditional boundaries between art, craft and design.

With the character, materials and suspension of the artworks, Wilcke faces the space as a former summer residence with interior and furnishing of the living rooms. The fabrics in the display cases recall not only painting but also fabric webs, curtains and garments, which make room for one’s own associations and stories.
Wilcke does not hide the constructions of the sculptures. Several of the works are visibly stapled together with nails and screws that contrasts with the soft sensuousness of the fabrics. This unites the space and works through a texture found in both the material and colors.



Andebakkesti 5, 2000 Frederiksberg

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Living Rooms
2 Apr 202212 Jun 2022


'Living Rooms'