Lisbeth Karline Poulsen: WhiteOut
9 Jun 20223 Jul 2022

Lisbeth Karline, 'THE WHITEOUT'
Lisbeth Karline, ‘THE WHITEOUT’

Lisbeth Karline utilizes art as a language to explore identity, culture and decoding, when she reinterprets the Greenlandic national costume in her work The White Out. Lisbeth Karline is born in Nanortalik in the South Greenland, she was raised in both Denmark and Greenland, but she does not speak Greenlandic herself. Therefor she finds and creates community and language in art to explore and express her affiliation, identity, and her observations of the Greenlandic society.

There are very clear ideas about and expectations to the Greenlandic national costume. When Lisbeth Karline reinterprets the costume and detaches the colors, she creates a cultural white out where some of the costume’s symbols are blurred like a landscape is in a metreological white-out (a snowstorm where the landscape is visible erased).

rum46’s programme Hurts explores pain through themes like borders, language and history.



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Lisbeth Karline Poulsen: WhiteOut
9 Jun 20223 Jul 2022


'Lisbeth Karline Poulsen: WhiteOut'