Lee Miller – Photographer. Icon. Surrealist.
17 Jun 202214 Jan 2023

Lee Miller og Picasso, 1944. Foto: Lee Miller Archives
Den Sorte Diamant, ‘Lee Miller and Picasso in his studio’, Liberation of Paris, Paris France 1944. Photo: Copyright Lee Miller Archives.

Mould-breaking artist and woman of her time
The photographer, model, businesswoman, gourmet cook, author and war correspondent Lee Miller was a norm-breaking artist and woman of her time. She lived an intense life in a world of breathtakingly rapid change, something she captured in her photographs.
Lee Miller is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic photographers of the 20th century. Her photographs, texts and correspondence bear witness to a person who challenged conventions relating to being a woman and an artist. She was ironic, humorous, impatient, driven by her own needs – but also deeply involved in her own age.
Highly impressive presentation of Lee Miller’s work

The exhibition tells the wild story of Lee Miller’s life and work via 100 photographs from the 1929-64 period as well as letters, documents and magazines that have not previously been shown in Denmark. The exhibition shows the breadth of Miller’s work: portrait and model photography from New York and Paris, landscape photography, the horrifying photographs from the Second World War, and also fabulous photographs of Miller’s artist friends and circle of acquaintances – Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Dora Maar and many more.


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Lee Miller – Photographer. Icon. Surrealist.
17 Jun 202214 Jan 2023


'Lee Miller - Photographer. Icon. Surrealist.'