Khaled Barakeh: Design of Necessity
9 Jun 2022  9-10

Khaled Barakeh, 'Design of Necessity' 2022
Khaled Barakeh, ‘Design of Necessity’ 2022

Meet artist and curator behind the current exhibition in Mariakirken, Design of Necessity. This third exhibition during The Maria Project by the Syrian artist Khaled Barakeh highlights human resilience in wartime.

Using a socially engaged art practice as methodology, Barakeh is engaging Syrian siege survivors and Syrians living in deportation and asylum centers in Denmark offering a space to explore new possibilities for common understanding and solidarity among the victims of war crimes, past and present.

The sculptural works in Design of Necessity depict the creative, everyday practices that Syrians developed with ordinary objects under siege, living in cellars, shelters, and barren hiding places. To heat up food and boil water, Syrians fixed shards of broken glass to the inside of satellite dishes to harness and concentrate the rays of the sun. Confined underground, they learned to grow mushrooms, which flourish even in minimal conditions and which became a crucial source of nutrition.

Design of Necessity exhibits satellite dishes installed on Maria Kirkeplads, containers of mushrooms growing in the church space, and a series of documentary materials displayed until the end of September.

This morning you can get behind the ideas and methods in the project, which both speaks about a very present reality and war, but also addresses fundamental questions we as a society and fellow human beings must deal with in a nuanced way, and perhaps art can help us with that?

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Maria Projektet

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Art Week 2022 programme for Maria Projektet

Khaled Barakeh: Design of Necessity
9 Jun 2022  9-10


'Khaled Barakeh: Design of Necessity'