Jakob Kudsk Steensen – Berl Berl
4 Jun 202223 okt 2022

Jakob Kudsk Steensen 'Berl-Berl', 2021. Foto: courtesy of the artist Commissioned by Light Art Space
Jakob Kudsk Steensen ‘Berl-Berl’, 2021. Photo: courtesy of the artist Commissioned by Light Art Space

In the summer of 2022, ARoS will be presenting the exhibition Berl-Berl featuring the young Danish visual artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen (b.1987). Berl-Berl is a vibrant, ever-changing digital simulation of the prehistoric swamp formerly found in the Berlin area. Berl-Berl is not only a visualisation of the swamp, but also a poignant audio experience where sounds from the swamp embrace and envelop the visitors in the mythologies of days gone by. The work plays with repetitions and changes, with algorithms changing the sounds and images shown throughout the exhibition period. Berl-Berl takes its title from the old Slavic word for swamp, berl. The word is believed to be at the root of the naming of the German capital Berlin, which in the past was part of a huge wetland and swamp area, now much reduced in scope due to the growing urbanisation. Kudsk Steensen is a pioneer in the realm where art and technology interact. His method is based on extensive fieldwork combined with advanced photographic 3D scanning and programming. In connection with the creation of Berl-Berl, he has, over the course of more than a year, meticulously 3D-scanned the wetland region of Spreewald outside Berlin by means of ‘macro photogrammetry’. By combining images and footage from the wetlands with research on ecosystems, Kudsk Steensen bridges the gap between us and the history found right under our feet. ARoS becomes a portal where objects and sounds from prehistoric times connect with today’s wetlands.



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Jakob Kudsk Steensen – Berl Berl
4 Jun 202223 okt 2022


'Jakob Kudsk Steensen – Berl Berl'