13 Mar 20226 Nov 2022

Carl Hammoud, 'Blind spot' 2010. Photo: Helene Toresdotter
Carl Hammoud, ‘Blind spot’ 2010. Photo: Helene Toresdotter

In the exhibition HOME, we take a closer look at one of life’s perhaps most important places and what relationship we have to it. For many, the home is the obvious center around which life revolves. For some, the home is the only safe space, for others, the escape from home is the only hope. The concept of “home” resonates strongly with all of us, whether we are grateful for what we have, or desperate for what we lack.

HOME is a constellation of stories that relate to the home in different ways. Through the artists’ gaze, we find a vulnerability in the depictions of what can constitute a home. Our hope is to create a more inclusive and empathetic understanding of what many of us call home.


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13 Mar 20226 Nov 2022