Hans Purrmann: The Vitality of Colour
27 Apr 201915 Sep 2019

Colourful landscapes, still lifes executed with heavy brush strokes, azure-coloured walls and the relations between light, hue and colour in paintings of interior, harmonious colour contrasts, decorative nude studies and portraits are some of the works you will experience at the exhibition The Vitality of Colour featuring the German artist Hans Purrmann. It is the first time that the recognised German painter is being featured at an exhibition of this scale in Denmark.

Hans Purrmann, <em>Stehender Atelierakt, Nacht Rechts</em>, 1904, olie på lærred, private image. Press Photo.
Hans Purrmann, Stehender Atelierakt, Nacht Rechts, 1904, olie på lærred, private image. Press Photo.

The exhibition is a retrospective of Purrmann’s works, connecting them with a selection of the artists whom he collaborated with or was inspired by – artists such as Max Liebermann, Henri Matisse, Mathilde
Vollmoeller, Oskar and Marg Moll, Emy Roeder as well as the writer Hermann Hesse, all of whom may also be experienced in the exhibition.

Beautiful Landscapes from a Divided Europe
Today, Hans Purrmann is one of Germany’s most distinctive Colourist painters. As an artistic nomad and diplomat, he travelled and settled in various European countries throughout the 20th century – Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland – initially on his own initiative and forced by circumstances in a Europe full of upheavals and changes.

In the early 20th century he was a central figure – together with his close colleague Henri Matisse – in the international art setting that Matisse created in Paris through his Académie Matisse. Purrmann served as head of the school for the few years that the Académie existed.

Throughout his life, Purrmann continued to paint in a Coloristic Figurative expression with focus on colour and the decorative qualities of the painting. He explored the formal new breakthrough of Modernism, at the same time honouring the old masters. He developed his own unique style – a precise classification of which seems impossible – while persisting, despite war and external circumstances, in his search for beauty and perpetuity in the classical motifs: landscape, still life, interior and portrait. Like his mentor, Matisse, he envisioned art as an ‘escape from daily struggles’.

‘We want to introduce the Danish audience to an artist of great importance and with works of the highest quality, who – for various reasons – did not reach the same celebrity status as the greatest stars in art history’, says Helle Behrndt, Director of Kunstforeningen GL STRAND.

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Hans Purrmann: The Vitality of Colour
27 Apr 201915 Sep 2019


'Hans Purrmann: The Vitality of Colour'