hand /work
12 maj 202219 Feb 2023

'Hånd-værk', credit: Torben-Eskerod
‘Hånd-værk’, credit: Torben-Eskerod

The exhibition hand / work gives an insight into Teis Dich Abrahamsen’s and Morten Søndergaard’s creative universes and presents a selection of their previous works.

Both Morten Søndergaard and Teis Dich Abrahamsen are preoccupied with playfullness and stories that intertwine and unfold, before finally gathering in the pure joy of the hand’s work with the material.

Morten Søndergaard is first and foremost a poet and has for a number of years lived in Bakkehuset’s former artist residential home for writers. In recent years, he has worked cross-aesthetically in both installations and exhibitions. The interest in the relationship between language and materiality characterizes Søndergaard’s artistic work and his poetic studies of temporality, materials and positions of utterance are consistent.
These are words, written on thin paper onto medicine boxes, or words carefully chiseled in stone.
Søndergaard materializes the language and the text takes on new meaning through the material.

Teis Dich Abrahamsen is primarily a cabinetmaker, but also works with furniture conservation and restoration. Abrahamsen’s work stems from a deep love for the tree. He can make the individual types of wood appear in works of great poetry, whether it is furniture, prototypes or unique objects.
With his ingeniously crafted cabinets and indefinable objects, he has with craft accuracy created his own universe, where aesthetics, precision and perfection unifies. The interest in the material and the artistic playfulness unite the work of both.



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hand /work
12 maj 202219 Feb 2023


'hand /work'