Giving Shelter: Dinner and Talks at Trampoline House
2 Jun 2023  16:30-20

Trampoline House, press photo.

Eat along and hear about the house, connecting Copenhageners, asylum seekers and refugees, that began as an art project in 2009, established as a community center, moved to a church post-Covid 19 and appeared at the Documenta exhibition last year.

First there will be a series of talks: Co-founder, artist Morten Goll, will talk about the house and its history, its changing location and interior design. One of the users will talk about its social function and space, experience of living in a camp. Lastly, the program coordinator Nynne Roberta Pedersen will reflect upon the inhumane architecture of the camp.After the talks we will eat homecooked dahl together and continue the conversation.

In the Weekend Trampoline House, asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers, and refugees with a residence permit can get counseling, develop capacities, and find community. All under one roof! An alternative/self-institutional space and bottom-up initiative for these vulnerable groups, sometimes left behind by the Danish refugee policy and public institutions.

In 2020, the self-organized refugee justice community center, had to close after 10 years of operation due to the corona crisis and lack of funding. The closure of the house left a big void for the many refugees and asylum seekers, who weekly visited the house to get legal counseling, attend Danish classes, enroll in internships and job training programs, make friendships, and form networks. In the house, children and adults who have fled war, poverty, or human rights abuses found a unique democratic community where they felt welcome and equal. A community in stark contrast to the insecurity and marginalization that many displaced people experience in the Danish asylum and integration system.

To fill this void, a group of former users, volunteers, and staff members established a new house on a more sustainable scale. The result is the Weekend Trampoline House, which in collaboration with the Apostle Church in Vesterbro, opened its doors to the public in 2022.

Friday 2. June at 16.30-20
The event is in English
Price: 65 Kr.
NB takes place at Trampoline House, Apostelkirken, Saxogade 13, 1662 København


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CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival
Halmtorvet 27
1700 København V

Level-free access – yes
Handicap toilet – no
Free for companion – yes

Giving Shelter: Dinner and Talks at Trampoline House
2 Jun 2023  16:30-20


'Giving Shelter: Dinner and Talks at Trampoline House'