Exhibition: Popty Ping
31 Mar 20236 Aug 2023

Illustration til Popty Ping. Illustration: Daniel Peder Askeland og Gisa Pantel

SØ was an artist-run exhibition space active between 2013 and 2019 located in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. At Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art, the spirit of SØ will be resurrected in form of a show with performative works which loosely connect to the question of the consequences of time traveling entering the art world.

The set-up is a bizarre collection of the same microwave model, still wrapped and packed in its original packaging, multiplied by the hundreds, stacked as if in storage, brand new and catching dust. The microwave is a fascinating thing. Old school futuristic, cheating time by heating in a fraction of what other heating devices can do. Nuclear technic in our kitchens, spinning our days old or frozen foods, never high cuisine, never chic but oh so practical.

In this setup, 10 performers are invited to activate the setting during the show’s duration. The artists are invited to participate in a performative work of any kind (performance, lecture, music, reading, etc.) to answer concretely or abstractly, directly or metaphorically our “what-if-time-travel” question. Additionally, every artist adds a “placeholder” to the exhibition while they are not present: a script, an object, a sound piece, etc. Each performance will be filmed and documented online.

31 mar – 6 aug 2023
Tue–Sun 12–18
Thu 12–21

Adults: 70 Kr.
Student: 50 Kr.
Seniors: 50 Kr.
Under 12 years old: Free


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Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art
Oslo Plads 1
2100 København Ø

Level-free access – yes
Handicap toilet – yes
Free for companion – yes


Exhibition: Popty Ping
31 Mar 20236 Aug 2023


'Exhibition: Popty Ping'