Exhibition: Circulation
3 Jun 202210 Jun 2023

Polyteknikken. Cellula installationsview, 2022. Foto: Camilla Reyman

Anne Munnecke, Marie Melchiorsen, Maja Gade, LM Salling and Mette Borup Kristensen.

‘Circulation’ stems from a common interest in nature’s cycle. How minerals break down in the soil, after which they are absorbed through the roots of plants. At the same time, the plants get energy from sunlight and absorb CO2, which they convert into biological material and oxygen. Oxygen is a condition of life for animals and humans who inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. When the plants die, the biological material is broken down into minerals in the soil, continuing the cycle. It is a cycle that began millions of years before man appeared and will surely continue millions of years after man has disappeared again.

The artists in Polyteknikken all work with human’s relationship with nature in their practices, but the positions and strategies are different. It can be plants and minerals as material or as colour, as well as using nature’s shapes and geometry as inspiration. This common interest has become the exhibition ‘Circulation’ – a poetic exploration of nature and a tribute to the cycle that is a prerequisite for life. An exchange between the art works is present with common threads that reach out to each other and create new connections. The exhibition shows printingmaking, drawing, painting, textile works as well as objects and natural materials.

Polyteknikken is a studio for professional visual artists started in 2020 and is housed in an older shop in Frederiksberg.

3 June – 10 June 2023
Tue-Sat 14-17
Free entry


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H. C. Ørstedsvej 11
1879 Frederiksberg C

Level-free access – no
Handicap toilet – no
Free for companion – yes

Exhibition: Circulation
3 Jun 202210 Jun 2023


'Exhibition: Circulation'