Exhibition: Amarna – City of the Sun God
26 Jan 202318 Jun 2023

Hoved, Akhenaten, kalksten. Foto Ole Haupt © Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

The year is 1350 BCE. We are in ancient Egypt, where magic and animal deities played a crucial role in society. When the Pharaoh Akhenaten came to power, he abolished the ancient animal deities and ordained a new religion. Now, it was permitted only to worship the sun god, Aten (sometimes spelled ‘Aton’). He was depicted in the form of the solar disk, emitting rays that terminated in hands holding the hieroglyph ankh (= life) over the royal couple: Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti. The new cult led to major social upheaval, and the royal couple decided to move and build a new place of residence: a magnificent new city, known today as Amarna.

The Glyptotek is delighted to invite visitors to a special exhibition about the rise and fall of Amarna. The newly-founded city housed temples for the new god, palaces for the royal family, residential areas, workshops and burial grounds. However, following the death of Akhenaten, Amarna was destroyed and abandoned, and Egypt turned its back on his religious reforms.

Source: Glyptoteket


26 Jan – 18 Jun 2023
Tue-Sun 11-18
Thu 10-21

Entrance fee
Adult: 125 Kr.
Under 27/students: 95 Kr.


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Dantes Plads 7
1556 København V

Level-free access – no, but lifts and elevators to most exhibitions
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Exhibition: Amarna – City of the Sun God
26 Jan 202318 Jun 2023


'Exhibition: Amarna - City of the Sun God'