Deep dive, developed layers
17 Jun 2022  16-18

The artists, 'Deep dive, fremkaldte lag' 2022
The artists, ‘Deep dive, developed lag’ 2022

For the third year in a row, we have initiated an exhibition in a former gravel pit in Sorø, DK. Exhibiting artists: Nanna Riis Andersen, Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard, Dan Stockholm, Morten Plesner, Freja Niemann Lundrup og Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen.
The exhibition is taking place in a former gravel pit, in which the artists are presenting a number of sculptural artworks that revolve around the transformed landscape and raw environment.
Using stones, soil, gravel and water as materials, the exhibition unfolds new connections between art, matter and nature.
Many cities are surrounded by gravel pits, but yet they seem unfamiliar and unknown to us due to inaccessibility. This exhibition will be open to the public and we invite you to come outside for an alternative art experience.

Artists: Nanna Riis Andersen, Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen, Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard, Freja Niemann Lundrup, Morten Plesner og Dan Stockholm

Free entrance



Sognefogedvej 24, 4180 Sorø
Cirka 300 meter fra Parnasvej
*You have to walk from the train station, there’s no bus connection.

Contact info: Tora Strand tlf. nr.: 21 37 16 90, mail:

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Deep dive, developed layers
17 Jun 2022  16-18


'Deep dive, developed layers'