11 Jun 2022  14-17

Maja Gade, 'Ruiner i fuldt Floor' 2021
Maja Gade, ‘Ruiner i fuldt Floor’ 2021

Cellula – an exhibition that examines the diverse properties and qualities of plants through works by Anne Munnecke, Marie Melchiorsen, Maja Gade, Kristine Hellesøe, LM Salling and Mette Borup Kristensen.

Plants are vital to our survival. Both through photosynthesis creating the oxygen we breathe, and as a food source for animals and humans. But plants are also and have always been valued for their aesthetic and sensual potential; beautiful shapes, intense colors and wonderful scents and tastes. They can be both healing and toxic. And they surround us everywhere in everyday life; we make furniture, build houses and draw on paper made of wood. And we weave textiles of cotton and linen and wear it on our bodies.

The artists of Polyteknikken all work with plants in their practices, however, the positions and strategies are different – the plant as a motif, the plant as a phenomenon, or the plant as the material itself.
This common interest has developed into the exhibition Cellula – a poetic exploration of plants and a tribute to cellulose; the most common organic substance in nature.

The exhibition shows printmaking, sculpture, textile works as well as objects and natural materials.

Polyteknikken is a studio and community for professional visual artists started in 2020 and housed in an older shop in Frederiksberg.

Free entrance


H. C. Ørstedsvej 11 1879 Frederiksberg C

Art Week 2022 programme for Polyteknikken

11 Jun 2022  14-17