Caution – We Paint
10 Jun 2022  13

Studio154H Caution We Paint.jpg
Studio154H Caution We Paint.jpg

The 4 painters have their own individual expression, but are brought together in the workshop Studio 154H, which is part of the creative melting pot at Sydhavnen in Aarhus.
The community gives artists the opportunity to support each other, identify and refine the creative process as well as share experiences and sources of inspiration.
In the Studio’s old attic, the artists have built an exhibition room where there will be an exhibition of representative works. Both exhibition and workshop will be open to everyone.

Anne Zidore
The paintings in the series The Overview Effect challenges and distorts the usual perspective and thus she creates her own and the viewer’s Overview Effect.
Instagram: @annezidore

Pia Buchholtz
A common denominator for the paintings exhibited is the boundaries between self-presentation and authenticity. How far will we go to be seen and confirmed and when do we rest in ourselves and our appearance.
Instagram @pia.buchholtz

Jonas Sckerl
Jonas works with print and abstract painting on canvas and paper in fine framing. These are graphic and shimmering, aesthetic works that vibrate intensely in color and texture.
Instagram: @jonassckerl

Jan Bo Vinter Poulsen
Jan is a figurative painter and is preoccupied with looking into the unseen. As an artist, he portrays an interior with colors and layers and finds the stories in his encounters – it is as if he is working on his images from the inside out.
Instagram: @jbvp8000
Tlf: 40813222

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studio 154H

Jægergårdsgade 154H, 8000 Aarhus C

Art Week 2022 programme for Studio 154H

Caution – We Paint
10 Jun 2022  13


'Caution – We Paint'