Burning Viper II. Experience spectacular ceramic processes
14 Jun 2022  16-22

Burning Viper' 2021. Photo: David Ramirez
Burning Viper’ 2021. Photo: David Ramirez

At Huggeormen several different ceramic kilns are built, they are fired and emptied during the day on June 14 – and the public are invited to follow the intense and dynamic process.
Paperkiln: a firing sculpture that also functions as a kiln. The kiln is made of paper and fabrics dipped in a mixture of clay and water, and build up in many layers.
Crazykiln: we want to see how high temperatures we can achieve – how wrong can it go? With the project Burning Viper in 2021, some of the clay and the stove melted – but it did not go completely wrong. Now we try again. This time with the addition of alternative types of fuel – as well as ashes and soda, which form glazes in different ways.
At the dawn of darkness, the kiln is opened and sawdust is thrown at the glowing objects – whereby one can experience a spectacular firework display of sparks rising into the sky.

A coal-fired kiln is also being built.
Experiments with Egyptian Faience which is a 6000 years old technique that originated in Mesopotamia and Egypt, and is a self-glazing paste consisting of quartz, chalk, soda and coloring oxides. A bastard / middle ground between glass, glaze and clay. The result is deep, intense colors in all sorts of turquoise shades.

Participants: Trine Bach, Mads Borre, Michael Bredtved, Dorthe Bøtker, Lene Desmentik, Anne Dyhr, Gitte Bodil Jensen, Karen Lise Krabbe, Sanne Lund Jensen, Sara Mirkani, Birthe Morberg, Charlotte Overgaard, Karina Præstegaard, Mette Skriver, Bodil Lisbeth Thomsen.

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Building K, Institute for (X), behind Godsbanen.
Nearest GPS adress is P. Hiort-Lorenzens Vej 19 A-D, 8000 Aarhus C

Art Week 2022 programme for huggeormen

Burning Viper II. Experience spectacular ceramic processes
14 Jun 2022  16-22


'Burning Viper II. Experience spectacular ceramic processes'