Body Steps – a solo exhibition by Lotte Kejser
2 Jun 202230 Jun 2022

Lotte Kejser, 'Overkrop fra siden'
Lotte Kejser, ‘Overkrop fra siden’

The exhibition Body Steps has the body as its overarching theme: the healthy and strong body, the body that overperforms and the body that must not age. It is about body ideals and our pursuit of the ideal.
In the past, the body was considered the shroud of the soul. Today, the body is used to brand ourselves. You change and re-design your body. You train hard in gyms to get a fit and muscular body, and chest surgeries are done and wrinkles are removed – and tattoos are made in a big way.

Several of the works have recognizable, supernaturally large and simplified human forms. Up close, the works will appear as colored fields, but from a distance the subject falls into place. Paintings and sketches are built up of many layers of oil paint on canvases and wooden boards. The works exude great physicality and a sensuous approach to colours.

It has never been the details that have interested Kejser, but rather the big lines and quick turns with the brush. It is the color and the shape that is the important things, but most of all it is emotions, states of mind and situations that are the important things.
Kejser is a member of the artist collective Kubus Alba.
Body Steps can be seen at Godsbanen from 2 to 30 June, and there will be opening on Friday 10 June 15.00 – 17.00. The opening speech is given by curator, Ph.D. in art history Peter Ole Pedersen.



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Body Steps – a solo exhibition by Lotte Kejser
2 Jun 202230 Jun 2022


'Body Steps – a solo exhibition by Lotte Kejser'