Bodil Nielsen: hjertegræs rødlig, mørk blå, grøn perlemorsspejl
11 Jun 2022  14-17

Bodil Nielsen, 'Uden titel' 2022. Photo: Hans Holten
Bodil Nielsen, ‘Uden titel’ 2022. Photo: Hans Holten

Throughout her long career as an artist, Bodil Nielsen has persistently explored the workings of light and colour in the visual arts. In her paintings, the true motif is identified through the very process of seeing. One could almost say, that it is her mission to open up the experience of colour for her audience. It is definitely something, she would very much like to pass on – also outside the art space.

The first big solo exhibition in her home region
Bodil Nielsen is based in Copenhagen, but Odder is her hometown, and she grew up on a farm with property leading down to Norsminde Fjord. Her recollections of the light and the landscapes from this region have made a substantial impact on Bodil Nielsen’s work, but she draws inspiration from many different sources and impressions: As of late, from the museum’s painted furniture and the special marbling techniques used by the peasantry.

In the exhibition, one can experience a wide range of Bodil Nielsen’s most recent paintings together with completely new paintings created for this specific exhibition. Characteristically of Bodil Nielsen, she actively engages with the relationship between the art works themselves and the exhibition space, and generally engages in dialogue with the surrounding space.


Odder Museum

Møllegade 3-5, 8300 Odder

Art Week 2022 programme for Odder Museum

Bodil Nielsen: hjertegræs rødlig, mørk blå, grøn perlemorsspejl
11 Jun 2022  14-17


'Bodil Nielsen: hjertegræs rødlig, mørk blå, grøn perlemorsspejl'