Artist collective Slim & Krystal: Æg & Aske
9 Jun 2022  16-19

"c4projects_'æg og aske' af kunstkollektivet slim og krystal_Photo: Camilla Reyman.jpg
C4 projects, ‘Æg og Aske’ by the artist collective Slim og Krystal. Photo: Camilla Reyman

Finissage of the exhibition ÆG & ASKE by the art collective Slim & Krystal (Sidse Carstens, Rose Eken, Camilla Reyman and Nils Gröndahl).

16.00-17.00 Satisfying Soup performance
17.30 Serving of soup to those present
18.00 Concert with Henriette Sennenvaldt

Listen as Sidse Carstens and Nils Gröndahl perform ASMR sound performance Satisfying Soup.
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is about sensing one’s body, by seeing and hearing how different materials are processed. Satisfying Soup is a goosebumps-inducing sound experience of soup being prepared mixed with electronic sounds. You can only experience this performance through headsets and eventually the soup will be served to the audience.

When the soup is served, Henriette Sennenvaldt and band play a concert with songs from the solo debut Something Wonderful.
Sennenvaldts new songs dives into new territory that balances between tenderness and camp. The work is marvelous, disturbing, intricate, precarious and delicate as few albums are.
It sets up a universe that may seem constant on the verge of collapse, but which repeatedly catches itself through Sennenvaldt’s crackling, idiosyncratic voice.
In terms of genre, it is an omnivorous and original creature – it could be jazz, pop, art rock, sound art – yet still anchored in a searching, hovering and elegant changeability.

Free entrance

C4 projects

Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 København

Art Week 2022 programme for C4 projects

Artist collective Slim & Krystal: Æg & Aske
9 Jun 2022  16-19


'Artist collective Slim & Krystal: Æg & Aske'