Art Tour: Co-creating Vesterbro – Citizen Participation in the Arts
2 Jun 2023  16:30-18

Kenneth Balfelt

Join us for a guided tour in Vesterbro with the local artist and urban developer Kenneth Balfelt – hear how he has created spaces with and for some of the vulnerable groups of the district.

Kenneth Balfelt has created a special niche for himself by facilitating design/construction processes and citizen participation as a visual artist. He collaborates with beer drinkers, drug users, street sleepers, etc. about tailoring spaces that meet their special needs: A task that can be difficult to solve for the municipality and in a gentrified district that has undergone major architectural and demographic changes during the last three decades. With his social commitment and flair for urban development, Balfelt will talk about his work involving users, how it relates to the municipality and about collaborations with different forms of life in the mixed neighbourhood he knows inside and out. Along the way, we will visit, Enghave Minipark, Mændenes Hjem (most of which is gone now, but the door and neon sign are still there), the ‘fixerum’ art project on Halmtorvet (which is gone now and replaced by a legal municipal ‘fixerum’), Maria Kirkeplads (which he works on now) and Dugnad. The tour ends at Kenneth Balfelt Team’s office with a glass and an informal chat.

The event is a collaboration between CAFx and Art Week.

Friday 2. June at 16.30-18
The event is in English
Price: 100 Kr. / 70 Kr. for members
NB takes place at the corner of Enghave Plads by the skateboard park. Ends at Dybbølsgade 51, stuen,1721 København V


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CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival
Halmtorvet 27
1700 København V

Level-free access – no
Handicap toilet – no
Free for companion – no

Art Tour: Co-creating Vesterbro – Citizen Participation in the Arts
2 Jun 2023  16:30-18


'Art Tour: Co-creating Vesterbro - Citizen Participation in the Arts'