Art Talk: Architectons – utopia or role model?
7 Jun 2023  17-18:30

Jesper Rasmussen, Nat Søndermarken, 2022

What happens to contemporary architectural representation when Jesper Rasmussen depicts buildings and places cleansed of human behaviour and functions, so that it appears unheimlich and utopian. Can it contribute to the current architecture debate, about how architecture should look like and how architectural representation possibly is dehumanising public spaces?

Based on Jesper Rasmussen’s current exhibition New Topography at Galerie MøllerWitt, the question of whether architectons are an ideal conception of a new architecture or whether they are simply artistic fantasies beyond the realistic is discussed.

The concept of architectons was created by the Russian visual artist Kazimir Malevich when, in the 1920s, he produced a series of formalistic plaster figures that were supposed to point to a new era of architecture. The architectures are characterised by the fact that they cannot be unambiguously categorised as sculptures in their own right or as models of something else, such as buildings. They are in the gray area between sculpture and architecture, between aesthetics and function.

Wednesday 7. June at 17-18.30
The event is in Danish
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Art Talk: Architectons – utopia or role model?
7 Jun 2023  17-18:30


'Art Talk: Architectons - utopia or role model?'