Andreas Emenius: When the Unknown Becomes Familiar
8 Feb 20199 Jun 2019

In the midst of stress and, everyday routines, When the Unknown Becomes Familiar gives its audience the opportunity to delve calmly into thoughts and details while surrounded by a series of physical everyday rituals performed by a group of performance artists.

Press photo.
Press photo.

A continuing beam of water running from the ceiling will slowly fill the tub in the middle of the room. At the same time, the sound of water colliding with its own surface creates a soundscape that encapsulates the entire exhibition. From spiritual rituals connected to water, music, and nature to routine, banale everyday situations that we all know. Gum chewing, podcast listening, and cleansing are among some of the things that, in collaboration with the exhibition space itself, will set the frame for Andreas Emenius’s When The Unknown Becomes Familiar.

The exhibition gives the visitor a sensuous overall impression of the actions that we perform in order to get closer to ourselves in an attempt to understand the perishability that is a part of life.

For the exhibition the artist has designed different costumes that are worn by the performers as a part of the total installation.

Source: Nikolaj Kunsthal

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Andreas Emenius: When the Unknown Becomes Familiar
8 Feb 20199 Jun 2019


'Andreas Emenius: When the Unknown Becomes Familiar'