Nordic Act –  Independent art, artists and curators in the Nordic region.

Nordic Act is a professional network program and semi-public presentation launched to strengthen the self-organized part of the art scene in the Nordic region in terms of platforms, artists, curators and art producers. 

Foto: Sixty Eight Art Institute
Foto: Sixty Eight Art Institute

In Copenhagen and Malmö you will find a range of dedicated artists, curators and art producers who run exhibition platforms that experiments with the classical understanding of art production and dissemination. Often, they work with trying out new methods and aim to exercise a certain artistic experimentation in which alternative futures can be imagined.

The producers are artists, curators and other thinkers use forms such as exhibitions, research questions, talks or performative actions to diversity our perception of our societies through art. In these spaces you will find an assemblage of ideas, that under a relevant curatorial questioning use artworks to nuance how collective belief systems. It’s a practice of repositioning through political-aesthetic investigation. This ongoing experiment with our perceptual organisation that is found in the self organized art system, counters the modern structures of the art museums, which functions more as an authoritative mediator of national cultural heritage and identity.

The Nordic Act program will use the established channels and structures of Art Week Copenhagen to highlight this important part of arts development and experimentation. The aim is to strengthen knowledge and understanding of the self-organized part of the art scene in the southern part of the Nordic region.

The program will invite a number of younger professional profiles, primarily from the northern part of the Nordic region, to be introduced to the two southern cities Copenhagen and Malmö.  The program will consist of tours to selected spaces, professional exchange meetings, diskursive talks and the symposium Acting, Agency and Art.

Nordic Act is initiated by Art Week and organised by curator Iben Bach Elmstrøm.