Sunday 4 June

Sunday 4 June

LadderSpace. Sara Annsofidotter, Industrious youth, 2023. Foto: Sara Annsofidotter

at 9.30
Art Morning, Filmscreening
Screening: THE WORLD IS OUT OF FOCUS (2022, Iben Haahr Andersen)
Grand Teatret

at 10-11
Art Morning
Art Morning: Morning Ceremony
Nikolaj Kunsthal

at 10-16
Art for Kids, Workshop
The Children’s Workshop
SMK – National Gallery of Denmark

at 11-11.30
Guided Tour
Guided tour: BAROQUE – Out of Darkness
SMK – National Gallery of Denmark

at 11-13
Art Tour
Art Tour: Municipal tree politics, iconic trees and tree stories with C.Y. Frostholm

at 11-16
Art for Kids, Workshop
Workshop: Family Sunday
ARKEN Museum for moderne kunst

at 11-17
Art Bar, Workshop, Art for Kids
Family Art Bar: Co-creation and communal dining at ARKEN
ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

at 12-16
Closing: Industrious Youth
Ladder Space

at 12.30-14
Taste the Art: Kasper Hesselbjerg – Idiot-Monster Lunch
Nikolaj Kunsthal

at 13 and 15
Workshop: The new corner room

at 14
Guided Tour
Guided tour: Roman Signer
Malmö Konsthall

at 14 og 15
Performance: Francesca Grilli – Sparks
Museum of Contemporary Art

at 14-15
Guided Tour
Guided Tour: Open Tour

at 14-17
Art Talk, Filmscreening
Art Talk and Screening: Talk with Elisa R. Linn and screening of Twilight City

at 19
Performance: The Dark Administrator
FRIISLAND Center for Performancekunst

at 19.45-22.15
Art Talk, Screening
Art Talk and Screening: BLUE HORIZONS: Containerization of Space (EN)

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'Sunday 4 June'