Art Week says thank you

Art Week says thank you

Russian artist group APXIV at the opening party. Photo: Christian Brems

It began with a grand opening and ended with a Russian wedding performance. This year’s festival is over, and head of Art Week Christina gives thanks to everyone who helped create a record-breaking, diversified week of art with a wide spectrum of exhibitions and art events.

Approximately 1300 people stopped by when Art Week opened on the 23rd of May to a grand opening party at Copenhagen Contemporary with everything from installation openings and Russian/Bolivian-American performance art to mushroom drinks and funky DJ beats.

There was something for everyone at the extensive opening event that drew a big and diverse audience. And that is a tendency that applies to the festival as a whole, says head of Art Week Christina Wilson who would like to thank all of the 65 Copenhagen-based art institutions and exhibition sites that have taken part of this year’s Art Week.

“This year Art Week has really demonstrated the relevance of visual arts. All the participating institutions have contributed to an interesting programme of exhibitions, talks, concerts, and, not least, performances. And it is evident that the Copenhageners also approve. Because never before have we seen such a great turnout to all of our events.”

A record-breaking programme

Even before the official opening, Art Week was already happening all around the city. On the 21st of May International curators came to Denmark’s capital to meet artists and pay visits to some of the city’s museums, work spaces, and galleries.

Performance by artist duo New Noveta at the seminar <em>Performance and Beyond</em> at The National Gallery of Art. Photo: Ingvar Mulvad.
Performance by artist duo New Noveta at the seminar Performance and Beyond at The National Gallery of Art. Photo: Ingvar Mulvad.

And the foreign guests were impressed by what the city’s art scene had to offer, says Christina Wilson: “They showed great enthusiasm and clearly took notice of the high quality and level of professionalism at all the places that they visited.”

Visits from the curators are an important part of the art week that seeks to draw international attention to the Copenhagen art scene.
But it is of even greater importance to shed light on the artistic and cultural events for the capital’s own citizens.

Therefore it was with great pleasure that we, with almost a hundred events in our programme, could offer a record-breaking amount of artistic events to our visitors, says the head of the festival:

“We have had the biggest programme so far this year with everything that the art loving heart could desire from both the big institutions and the small exhibition sites. We have seen and experienced many things; from a big seminar on performance art at the National Gallery of Art to a small performance wedding by the Russian artist group APXIV that rounded the festival off Sunday at the gallery Salon 75. The art scene has proved itself to be both diverse and relevant. Therefore it is with great pleasure and confidence that I look forward to making Art Week again next year”.

Next year’s Art Week takes place in May 2020.

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'Art Week says thank you'