Gallery Nicolai Wallner lead their artists all the way

Gallery Nicolai Wallner lead their artists all the way

Fra gruppeudstillingen JUMP hos Galleri Nicolai Wallner, 2017. Foto: Anders Sune Berg

Gallery owners are responsible for taking care of and safeguarding their artists through thick and thin, says the employees at Nicolai Wallner. Since the 90’s the gallery has worked to promote cutting-edge and transgressive art. We have reached out to the gallery who’s exhibiting British artist David Shrigley, during the art week in May.

When did your gallery open and why?
We started out in 1993 with the ambition to exhibit challenging and cutting-edge contemporary art. We didn’t just capture the current zeitgeist, when we opened, but set the agenda for what we continue to work with today – which is art that challenges and expands our view on the world and art.

What kind of art/artists are you focusing on and why?
We strive to represent the artist throughout his or her career. We are deeply interested in our artists and their process, and it is through this interest that we have built our platform and incorporated new artists. This is why so many of our current artists have been connected to and have had their first solo exhibitions at our gallery.

Currently we represent 23 Scandinavian and international artists, including an estate. At our gallery you can find A Kassen, Chris Johanson, David Shrigley, and Jesper Just. Our artists are working with different techniques, media and practices, which means that they are not defined as a group based on one common aesthetic. Rather, one might say that it is a common desire amongst our artists to tell a story and to make an impression in a world that is rapidly moving.

What is the best part and the most difficult part about being a gallerist?
The best part is the close collaboration between the artists and all the peopl you work with. The most difficult? There is nothing difficult about it.

During Art Week one can experience David Shrigley's <em>Giant Inflatable Swan-things</em> at Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Photo: Spritmuseum, Stockholm 2018.
During Art Week one can experience David Shrigley’s Giant Inflatable Swan-things at Galleri Nicolai Wallner. Photo: Spritmuseum, Stockholm 2018.

How do you see your own role, as a gallery, on the Danish art scene?
We view our responsibility as broad and comprehensive, and we value the personal cooperation with our artists. Our work includes offering help with production, establishing connections to international galleries and museums, acting as an archive and portfolio for the individual artist, and especially, to act as a public art gallery offering the highest quality of art for the general public.

We see ourselves as one of the most influential and leading galleries in Scandinavia. We have taken part in a fundamental change in the art scene, towards a more professional direction – formerly galleries where solely art merchants, but today galleries are representing their artists. We have contributed to that development.

What is your goal for the future?
In the future we will continue to evolve our work with artists and the art scene, locally as well as internationally. And, as we have done until now, we will strive to exhibit some of the best contemporary art.

What can one experience at your gallery during Art Week?
During Gallery Day&Night you can experience David Shrigley’s sculptures Giant Inflatable Swan-things. Besides these inflatable swan-like figures, which are being slowly inflated to be subsequently punctured again, a number of Shrigley’s new paper works will also be showcased.

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'Gallery Nicolai Wallner lead their artists all the way'