Three Days’ Birthday Party at Overgaden

Three Days’ Birthday Party at Overgaden

Loke Rahbek og Christian Stadsgaard, som står bag Posh Isolation. Foto: Nicolaj Møller

Posh Isolation is turning 10 years old this year, and to celebrate, the Copenhagen-based record label / artist group is throwing a three-day long birthday party during Art Week on the 23th-25th of May. A party that includes a critical/loving wellness installation, art, concerts, sound, yoga, performances, and much, much more.

The record company and artist group Posh Isolation was founded in 2009 with a mission to establish an experimental platform for Danish and Scandinavian music, sound art, and design.

And mission accomplished one might say. Today, ten years later, the company, founded by Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard, can boast of a catalogue containing more than 200 releases and a position as one of the leading companies working with experimental sound in Scandinavia.

This of course calls for a celebration. So from the 23rd of May the record label is taking over and transforming the exhibition site Overgaden into an art installation, complete with performances, concerts, sound, art and more.

Party of Art, Music, and Critical Wellness

The installation,  called Port Out Starboard Home, takes the shape of a wellness and lifestyle center. The idea behind, says the artist group, is to make a both loving and critical representation of a society that on the hand faces natural disasters, anxiety, and stress, and on the other forms opinions through consumption and communities.

With the installation comes fragrance design, a gift shop, minimalistic purity aesthetics, as well as a number of yoga sessions and performances that both cultivate and exhibit our enjoyment- and health-oriented consumption culture.

The festivities begin on May 32rd, with music and live-performance by KYO and Jeuru, and will continue with various events until and including Saturday the 25th.

The full program

May 23 17-21.30: Opening of the Installation Port Out, Starboard Home with live performances by KYO and Jeuru.

May 24 13-16 Yoga classes and afternoon concerts with performances by Fie Lindhold, Asger Nielsen, Internazionale.

May 24 19-24 Salon event with performances by Soho Rezanejad & Frederik Valentin, CTM, Scandinavian Star, Lulu Kaalund, and Eva Hurtigkarl.

May 25 13-16 Yoga classes and afternoon concerts with performances by Fie Lindholm, Vanity Productions, and Kamil Dossar.

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'Three Days' Birthday Party at Overgaden'