Remmen Foundation Art Prize: And the nominees are…

Remmen Foundation Art Prize: And the nominees are…

Kunstnerduoen Marie Munk Stine Deja på deres første fælles værk Synthetic Seduction Pressefoto.

For the second year in a row Art Week 2019 will open with the announcement of the winner of the Remmen Foundation Art Prize. This year’s jury has just revealed the four nominees that include two artists and two artist duos.

This year’s nominees are Asger Gjerdevig, Kirsten Astrup, Mathias & Mathias og Marie Munk & Stine Deja.
This was confirmed earlier today by Arne Wulff who, along with six other jury members, is responsible for the selection of the four nominees.

“We have chosen four very different candidates, each of whom represents some of the best and the most interesting things happening at the Danish art scene right now”, says Arne Wullf.

The purpose of the prize that comes with a check of approximately US$ 16.000 is to emphasise the work of young artists and help them make their way in the world. It is the only Danish art prize that is specifically aimed towards talent development and the young artists.

And this year’s nominees appreciate the gesture:

“We’re really honoured to be nominated for The Remmen Foundation Art Prize. It’s a great recognition for us as young artists”, says Stine Deja from the artist duo Stine Deja & Marie Munk. The duo has been nominated for their first common project Synthetic Seduction.

Jury and previous winners

In this year’s jury we find Claus Carstensen, Søren Sejr, Bjørn Nørgaard, Sanne Kofod Olsen, Barbara Werner, Mette Remmen and Arne Wulff.

The first winner of The Remmen Foundation Art Prize was Morten Knudsen, who received the award back in 2015. Rune Bosse was last year’s winner, while Fredrik Tydén was given the prize in 2017 and Martin Aagard Hansen in 2016.

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'Remmen Foundation Art Prize: And the nominees are…'