Art Week Seminar at the National Gallery of Denmark

Press photo: SMK
Press photo: SMK

As a new initiative, this year’s Art Week is teaming up with the National Gallery of Denmark SMK for an all-day seminar on the 22nd of May.

By introducing the seminar Performance and Beyond, Art Week wants to bring into focus the current interest in performance and, in a broader sense, performative practices amongst artists and curators both within and outside the institutions.

Through academical and theoretical presentations, the seminar will cover the span from classical performance art to the more performative audience involving practices, in which emphasis is put on movement, action and the meanings that arise in the encounter between performer and audience. In other words, the seminar will look into performance art not only as a genre, but also as a gesture or an approach that revolves around presence and the meeting with the audience.

The seminar is funded by Bikubenfonden.

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'Art Week Seminar at the National Gallery of Denmark'