Art Week Copenhagen collaboration with the art collector app Artland

Art Week Copenhagen collaboration with the art collector app Artland

Art Week Copenhagen collaboration with the art collector app Artland

This year Art Week Copenhagen is collaborating with the art collector app Artland on the dissemination and promotion of Art Week participants. During Art Week Copenhagen a joint academic event will be held on the significance of digitization in the commercial art world.

The Artland app is a professional network of and for collectors and galleries worldwide. Users get the opportunity to create profiles, upload photos of their collections and connect with other artisans and potential art buyers around the world. Art lovers – experienced and new alike – can create a profile and explore the art universe.

About the motivation for developing a digital platform for art collectors co-founder and CEO Mattis Curthexplains: “We are at a time when the art world is ripe for transformation. The art world has been slow at adapting to new technology but now we see the need manifest itself. The most important thing for us right now is that we continue our high growth. ”

Facts about Artland

Artland was founded in 2016 by the Danish brothers Mattis and Jeppe Curth. A group of very early seed investors is now associated with a new group investing over $ 1 million.

Artland is both an opportunity for art collectors to create a database of their collections and at the same time a network where, as a user, you can interact with other collectors or galleries.

Artland organizes events and activities for its network and produces physical magazines that present young collectors for the rest of the world. At the same time, the platform enables online conversations based on shared interests as well as sales transactions between art lovers worldwide.

The galleries pay for being part of the community, while Artland makes sure to create strong relationships between collectors and galleries.

The Artland platform is growing by the day. Among the platform’s users are collectors Charles Riva, Victor Benady, and Rolando Jimenez – as well as galleries such as Nils Stærk, Lyles & King and Seventeen.

Artland is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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'Art Week Copenhagen collaboration with the art collector app Artland'