Pictures from SOUND & VISION

This years theme SOUND & VISION incorporated a wide range of actors who contributed with sound art, performances and events. Here is just a small selection of all the amazing acts during Cph Art Week 2017. The audience could meet the art a variety of locations, from public spaces, bar toilets and abandoned gas stations.

Photo: Kathrine Møbius
Photo Kathrine Møbius
From Grand Opening at Vega with Nastió Mosquito. Photo: Frida Gregersen
Photo: Frida Gregersen


Photo: Kathrine Møbius
Photo: Kathrine Møbius
From Shhh by Vinyl, Terror & Horror. Photo: Kathrine Møbius
Peter and the Danish Defence at SMK Friday. Photo: Katrine Møbius

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'Pictures from SOUND & VISION'